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Katsu Sound-o: Choice Cuts Vol. 22 (2023)


In no particular order, I've selected the favorite tracks from 2023's playlists for my 22nd annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. I've been doing this annual "Best of" mix every year since 2002, but this is the first year I turned it into a radio show too. It was a lot of fun, and although perhaps not every song is for everyone, I hope you'll enjoy listening to some tracks perhaps you hadn't heard before -- while I do my best Casey Kasem impression. Here ya go:

Also, check out the Choice Cuts 2023 YouTube playlist here, or stream the full playlist on Spotify playlist here.

Or you can listen and watch each one below!

1. "Back on 74" — Jungle
Jungle, the electronic music group founded in London in 2013 by producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland. Off their third album “Volcano,” “Back on 74” was the fourth single to come out this year from the group. This is Lydia Katto on lead vocals. What a way to kick off the album. Go ahead and groove, I dare you not to.

2. "Lil Boo Thang" — Paul Russell
I mean, how infectious is this sample of the Emotions’ 1977 classic “Best of My Love”? Updated for the TikTok generation – literally this is where “Lil Boo Thang” exploded – Paul Russell has one of the most infectious tracks of the year.

3. "Loving You" — Cannons
I’m usually not a fan of whistling on songs… and yet, Cannons wins me over from the very start of “Loving You.” The kick-off song from their latest album “Heartbeat Highway,” “Loving You” continues the trend of Cannons having perhaps the best music of this century for roller skating. Now, to be fair, maybe I was inspired by the video to “Fire for You,” which was on my 2021 Choice Cuts and filmed at Glendale’s famed Moonlight Rollerway. Whatever they’re doing with their smooth grooves, I’m happy to have more Cannons on this mix.

4. "Lipstick Lover" — Janelle Monáe
“I like lipstick on my neck.” Janelle Monáe, getting seductive on her latest album, “The Age of Pleasure,” and the track “Lipstick Lover” in particular. The video to this song, ooh, let’s just note that there are two versions, since one of them would not be safe for MTV… if there still was an MTV. “The Age of Pleasure” was nominated for album of the year and best progressive R&B album at the Grammys, and these reggae tinged sounds on “Lipstick Lover” made Monáe’s first studio album in more than five years a welcome return.

5. "No California" — Ilsey
California songs are a genre in themselves, and Ilsey added a must to those West Coast/best coast playlists this year with “No California.” Full name Ilsey Anna Juber, believe it or not her grandfather was Sherwood Schwartz. That’s right, the creator behind “The Brady Bunch” and “Gilligan’s Island.” There’s nothing more California than that. From her debut album “From the Valley,” “No California” is a worthy listen.

6. "Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood" — Yves Tumor
Originally from Knoxville, Tenn., Yves Tumor – born Sean Lee Bowie – came out with perhaps the most exciting song of the year to me, the beautifully experimental “Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood.” This epic journey sounds like it could have come out of another Bowie. Tumor’s latest album is titled “Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds).” It’s ambitious, including this song.

7. "Don't Let the Devil (feat. El-P)" — Killer Mike
We’re up to a song that technically isn’t from Run the Jewels, but it sort of is. From Killer Mike’s sixth studio album (but his first in 11 years) “Michael,” the track “Don’t Let the Devil” features El-P with Killer Mike – and even a shout out to their group Run the Jewels. Killer Mike says the latest album was influenced by gospel, soul, funk and hip-hop, and you hear it in “Don’t Let the Devil.”

8. "Pyjamas (feat. Remi Wolf)" — Benny Sings
Dutch pop musician Benny Sings has been crafting pop gem after pop gem, sticky songs that stay with you. That was especially true with his two collabs with Remi Wolf. “Young Hearts” is a bop, sure, but “Pyjamas” is irresistible. In a year where bossa nova influences are everywhere, “Pyjamas” marries those groves with some equally catchy lyrics. I mean, we all love wearing pajamas. And Havaianas.

9. "Weightless" — Arlo Parks
Arlo Parks somehow manages to pop up on my end of year mixes annually these days. In 2022, it was “Softly.” In 2021, it was “Green Eyes.” This year, we moved on to the British singer-songwriter’s second album, “My Soft Machine,” and the single “Weightless.” It’s bright and boppy, and I like it.

10. "Evolution" — Braids
Originally from Calgary and now based in Montreal, Braids released their latest album, “Euphoric Recall,” this year. The track “Evolution” is the kind of groove we need right now.

11. "Empty Mansions" — Local Natives
Local Natives is another band that tends to land a slot in my year-end mixes, but how can I not. The group, which I’ll never forget was the last live show I saw before the pandemic shut down concerts for a long time, continues to produce music that is the soundtrack of our lives living in Los Angeles. The group’s latest album, “Time Will Wait for No One,” features some great singles. Interestingly, “Empty Mansions” wasn’t one they they released… but to me it was their dreamiest.

12. "Circus Maximus (feat. The Weeknd)" — Travis Scott
I’ve gotten to the point now in my life where my kids have their own musical tastes and are frequently inspiring me to get into certain artists or songs. My eldest was really into Travis Scott’s “Circus Maximus” album this year, including the film of the same name. This one is a controversial choice, I know critics were mixed on it – particularly because of its similarities to Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead.” But I sometimes can’t help what I like, and the powerful drums and contrast with The Weeknd’s voice – and the synth at the end of it — just made it interesting to me. Sorry!

13. "Psychos" — Jenny Lewis
OK, let’s move back from those aggressive drums to something Joyful, y’all. Literally: Jenny Lewis’ latest album is titled “Joy’All,” and the kick off song is “Psychos.” She’s a rock and roll disciple in a video game.

14. "Pretty Girl" — Ice Spice
Out of this world like sci-fi. It’s been quite a year for Ice Spice, including an appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” where she first performed this track, along with Nigerian rapper/singer Rema. “Pretty Girl” is quite simply, pretty.

15. "No More Lies" — Thundercat & Tame Impala
Tame Impala, aka Kevin Parker, has become equally famous for his collabs alongside his own songs. In 2021, we included his “Breathe Deeper” remix with Lil Yachty. This time out, it’s “No More Lies,” his track with Thundercat that may be the funkiest thing on this year’s mix.

16. "Show Me How" — Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters returns to shoegaze for “Show Me How,” a song about loss — made all the more poignant by the inclusion of Violet Grohl on vocals with her father Dave. From their 11th studio album, “But Here We Are,” the introspective song refers to the death of Dave’s mother, and Violet’s grandmother. Where are you now, who will show me how?

17. "Headlights On" — Wild Nothing
Formed by Jack Tatum in 2009, Wild Nothing released their fifth studio album, “Hold,” this year. “Headlights On” is the first single, featuring guest vocals from Hatchie. Jack Tatum, by the way, co-wrote Japanese Breakfast’s signature song “Be Sweet,” a previous Choice Cuts selection.

18. "Nothing Left to Lose" — Everything But the Girl
It’s confusing to me how Everything But the Girl had been inactive since 2000, given that Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt have been a real-life couple for decades. But maybe working on separate projects was the secret to them staying together all this time. Nonetheless, the arrival of new Everything But the Girl music in 2023 was a welcome homecoming. Their new album is titled “Fuse,” leading off with “Nothing Left to Lose,” featuring Thorn’s rich vocals, of course.

19. "Heavenly" — Sputnik Sweetheart
Based in Canberra, Australia, Sputnik Sweetheart released the EP “Far From You” earlier this year, the heavenly “Heavenly” is a standout single.

20. "La Bachata" — Manuel Turizo
Colombian singer Manuel Turizo Zapata, who just goes by Manuel Turizo professionally, won the Global 200 Latin Song of the Year, the Airplay Song of the Year and Tropical Song of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards for his single “La Bachata.” Bachata is a Dominican genre that drives this tune, which became Turizo’s biggest hit ever.

21. "Drive Me Crazy!" — Lil Yachty
I mentioned Lil Yachty earlier, and now here he is, with a track from his 2023 release “Let’s Start Here.” A bit of a departure for Lil Boat, there’s a lot of psychedelic rock and singing on this album, and I’m here for it. “Drive Me Crazy!” is an upbeat bop that he performed on “SNL” earlier this year, in his performance debut on the series.

22. "Wretched" — Bartees Strange
Bartees Strange kicked off last year’s Choice Cuts, and he’s back again with “Wretched,” off the album “Farm to Table.” Technically from 2022, but I was still listening a lot to Bartees this year, and this song is just too moving not to include. ““This song is about the people who’ve always stood by me, even when I was wretched. When I was trying to be something other than myself—they saw me even through that and held me down,” Strange said in releasing this track.

23. "All I Want" — Lane 8
Daniel Goldstein is the Denver-based producer and DJ better known as Lane 8. His latest album “Reviver” was also released in 2022, so it took a while for it to hit my ears. Apparently it shows up on the FIFA 23 soundtrack, which is perhaps how it spread wide this year. “All I Want” features Arctic Lake on vocals, filled with need and desire. Just wait for that drop.

24. "Not Strong Enough" — Boygenius
You hear “supergroup” bandied about a lot when people bring up Boygenius, the “supergroup” made up of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. We finally got a full record from them this year, called of course “The Record.” Since then they played Coachella, toured the world and performed on “SNL.” (Wow, a lot of SNL musical guests on this year’s mix!) And they ended the year with seven Grammy nominations, including album of the year and record of the year. “Not Strong Enough” was strong enough to receive three of those nods.

25. "Lovesick" — Laufey
Remember when I said it’s the kids who are now inspiring some of my music choices? Never has that been more clear that Laufey, the pop/jazz artist that both my sons absolutely adore. So much that I believe I was nominated for dad of the year because I managed to get them tickets to see her at the Ace Hotel this fall. From her album “Bewitched,” Laufey’s “Lovesick” feels like the perfect way to wrap up 2023’s Choice Cuts.

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Banh Mi Ear: Choice Cuts Volume 21 (2022)


In no particular order, I've selected the favorite tracks from 2022's playlists for my 21st annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. Listen and watch each one below!

1. Bartees Strange, "Heavy Heart"
Real name Bartees Leon Cox Jr., now known as Bartees Strange, he came on strong in 2022 with the album "Farm to Table." But Strange already had a bit of a hit in 2020 with "Mustang," off his previous album "Live Forever." Strange is the son of a military father and a mother who's an opera singer, hence being born in England before growing up in Mustang, Oklahoma (hence that "Mustang" song title). Now based in Washington, D.C., Strange has toured with Phoebe Bridgers, Courtney Barnett and The National, among others.

2. Mitski, "Love Me More"
Mitski appeared on our 2016 Choice Cuts with her fantastic track "Your Best American Girl" and last year former President of the United States Barack Obama included "The Only Heartbreaker" in his list of top songs of 2021. Not saying we were there before Obama, but clearly Mitski makes an impression. She nearly quit music in 2019, but thankfully in February 2022, she released the new record "Laurel Hell," which includes the track "Love Me More."

3. The Go! Team, "Whammy O"
I am truly obsessed with the unique songs that The Go! Team, from Brighton, England, puts out. The group mixes samples, live instrumentation, chants and original beats to come up with constant earworms. In 2015, "The Scene Between" was on my Choice Cuts playlist, and just last year I fell in love with "A Bee Without its Sting," from the album "Get Up Sequences Part One." Now, from the upcoming "Part Two," take a listen to "Whammy O." (And as a bonus, enjoy the found footage style video, sampling clips from bizarre, obscure 1980s TV clips.)

4. The 1975, "Happiness"
Hailing from Manchester, The 1975 has been on a roll; the band also appeared on last year's Choice Cuts playlist, for their song "Bagsy Not In Net." And in 2018, I opened up the mix with "Give Your Self a Try." The band, made up of Matty Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald and George Daniel, continue to garner fans for their mix of electropop and indie rock; their fifth studio album, 2022's "Being Funny in a Foreign Language," also became the band's fifth consecutive No. 1 album in the UK.

5. Holly Humberstone, "The Walls Are Way Too Thin"
When the pandemic halted tours and stopped live music for a period of time, I made a vow to start seeing more shows again. (It helps that the kids are older and its easier for us to duck out on date night.) And I feel like we have, to some degree. I still do a poor job of keeping track of who's in town, but among the artists I had tickets to see last year was Holly Humberstone... well, until she had to cancel the day of the show due to COVID. The challenges of touring in a pandemic world haven't ended, obviously. Humberstone showed up in my 2020 mix with the track "Overkill," and in 2022 was given the award for "rising star" at the Brit Awards. That's right, an ongoing theme so far: Plenty of UK artists on this year's Choice Cuts; Humberstone, who just turned 23 on December 17, hails from Grantham, England.

6. Gabriels, "One and Only"
Gabriels mixes gospel, soul, jazz, R&B and more for their unique sound, which I first stumbled across in 2021 with their track (and EP) "Love and Hate in a Different Time." Their debut album, "Angels & Queens," came out in 2022 and spawned "One and Only" among the tracks. Continuing our UK trend, the group is actually both British and American; members Jacob Lusk, Ryan Hope and Ari Balouzian first met in Los Angeles in 2016. The band is named after St. Gabriels Avenue, a street in Sunderland, England.

7. Fancy Hagood feat. Kacey Musgraves, "Blue Dream Baby"
Fancy Hagood, real name Jake Hagood, experienced one of those dream scenarios in 2015 when he was signed by producers including Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, and began recording with the likes of Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande. But after his songs went nowhere -- and an ill-advised teaser campaign, in which the artist was billed "Who Is Fancy" -- Hagood was dropped by those producers. But the story doesn't end there. In 2022, the queer Southern pop/country artist released the bop "Blue Dream Baby," with Kacey Musgraves backing him up on vocals. It comes with a saucy animated video -- actually, there are two versions, one censored and one uncensored -- and perhaps now people finally know who Fancy is. Appropriately, the song was released on International Pride Day. “It might be love, no way it’s nothing.”

8. Meg Myers, "HTIS" (Ft. Luna Shadows & Carmen Vandenberg)
Perhaps Meg Myers was running up that hill too soon, or too late. Her 2019 cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up that Hill" was a hit, and made it to heavy rotation on alternative rock stations. But this year, when the original version re-entered the scene thanks to "Stranger Things," Myers' (solid) version was pretty much forgotten. Originally from Tennessee and now based in Los Angeles, Myers has been percolating for a while with breaking through for a while now, most recently with the 2021 album "Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 The Disco." In 2022, she released the single "HTIS" -- which stands for "Hiding That I'm Sexual" -- along with Luna Shadows (who has regularly performed with Choice Cuts favorites The Naked and Famous) and Carmen Vandenberg.

9. Arlo Parks, "Softly"
Another U.K. artist, another returnee from 2021. Last year, Arlo Parks broke through with her acclaimed album "Collapsed in Sunbeams," which earned the Mercury Prize for best album. It was hard to choose a track from that album to include in last year's Choice Cuts, but we settled on "Green Eyes." In 2022, Parks released the standalone single "Softly," an irresistable track that gets the London-based artist back on the 2022 Choice Cuts.

10. Jim-E Stack, Lucky Daye, "Next To Me"
Originally from San Francisco but now based in Los Angeles, James Harmon Stack -- aka Jim-E Stack -- previously popped up on our 2020 Choice Cuts with "Sweet Summer Sweat," which featured Dijon. Stack has also worked with the likes of Bon Iver, Kacy Hill and Empress Of; his non-album single from 2022, "Next to Me," features New Orleans-based singer/songwriter Lucky Daye. Daye also had a good 2022, landing his album on the Billboard charts and winning a Grammy for his EP "Table for Two."

11. Bob Moses, "Love Brand New"
No, let's make this clear, Bob Moses is not a person. (Well, it's the name of a jazz drummer, but that's not who we're talking about here.) It's a two-man band from Vancouver, featurng members Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie. The group, actually named after New York urban planner Robert Moses, hit it big in 2015 with their debut album "Days Gone By" and the hit "Tearing Me Up." "Love Brand New," from their album "The Silence in Between," has been their biggest hit in the U.S., making it to No. 1 on the U.S. alternative chart and No. 11 on the U.S. dance chart.

12. Caroline Polachek, "Sunset"
Caroline Polachek keeps popping up in the most interesting places. She collaborated with Blood Orange in one of my favorite tracks of his, "Chamakay," which made it to my 2013 Choice Cuts, and has been on my monthly mixes going back to 2010, when she collaborated with Guards on the song "Trophy Queen." In 2021, she was behind memorable songs like "Bunny Is a Rider," and this fall I started hearing Polachek's flamenco-infused "Sunset" all over the radio (well, at least on The Current and KCRW) and it stuck with me. It will be a part of Polachek's 2023 album, "Desire, I Want to Turn Into You."

13. Tate McRae, "she's all i wanna be"
Tate McRae was a one-time finalist on "So You Think You Can Dance," so it's no surprise the video for "She's All I Wanna Be" mimics a music/dance competition. At just 19, the Calgary native is off to a tremendous start to her career, including the debut in May 2022 of her debut album, "I Used to Think I Can Fly."

14. SEB, "seaside_demo"
Is this really a demo? It sounds pretty polished to me, or perhaps it just feels that way since this song was a bit of a sensation when it first came out in 2021. (So OK, this is a bit of a cheat, since it's technically not a 2022 song, but that's when I started vibing on it.) SEB, who's now based in Los Angeles, made waves by mashing "Seaside_demo" with Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar." But I like the original just fine.

15. Dylan, "Nothing Lasts Forever"
From Suffolk, Dylan has been busy creating singles including ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’ from the EP ‘No Romeo.’ In October she released the mixtape "The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn," which included "Nothing Lasts Forever."

16. beabadoobee, "Talk"
Beabadoobee (real name Beatrice Kristi Ilejay Laus) is known for her throw-back 90s rock sound, and it's funny that she's also a fequent collaborator with The 1975. It feels like a pretty good fit. You remember how her 2017 debut single "Coffee" was used on rapper Powfu's single, "Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)," which became a surprise hit in 2020. Her 2022 album "Beatopia" kicked off with the lead single "Talk," which we feature here.

17. Unusual Demont, "Sugar"
Real name Demontcea Howard, Madison, Wisc. native Unusual Demont turns 23 on January 19 but is already making a name for himself. That nickname comes from a group he used to be in, named Unusual, and Demont now carries it forward. With influences like Tyler, The Creator, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande and more, Unusual Demont's music is as eclectic and unique as his name.

18. Flume feat. MAY-A, "Say Nothing"
Real name Harley Edward Streten, the Australian DJ who goes by the name Flume won a Grammy in 2017 for best dance/electronic album and was nominated again in 2020 for "Hi This Is Flume." His third studio album, "Palaces," came out in 2022 and featured collaborators like Caroline Polachek, Damon Albarn and MAY-A, an Australian singer-songwriter whose real name is Maya Cumming. Their track, "Say Nothing," was nominated for Best Pop Release, Best Video and Song of the Year at the 2022 ARIA Awards.

19. Marian Hill, GASHI, "little bit"
Sense a trend here? Just as Bob Moses isn't a person, it's a band, so true with Marian Hill. The Philadelphia duo, consisting of producer Jeremy Lloyd and singer Samantha Gongol, first met in high school. The alt pop band's third album, "Why Can't We Just Pretend?" was released in April 2022; it included this track, "Little Bit," with hip-hop artist GASHI.

20. Jimetta Rose, "Ebb and Flow"
Hailing from South Los Angeles, Jimetta Rose has been a major part of the underground beats, R&B and hip-hop scene for years. Her experience and background in hip-hop, choir, soul, jazz and gospel can be heard in "Ebb and Flow." Rose has been prolific as of late, releasing "The Gift: Around the Way Queen" in February 2022, followed by "How Good It Is," along with her hand-picked choir the Voices of Creation, in August. "Ebb and Flow" isn't on either of those releases, however; it came out as a single toward the end of the year.

21. Trombone Shorty, "Come Back"
New Orleans-based Troy Andrews has played trombone from the age of 4, when I suppose he really was a trombone shorty. Now the artist, who also plays trumpet and does vocals, may have the most eclectic career of anyone on this list. From appearing in "Treme" to regularly performing with the Foo Fighters to recording the theme song to CBS' "The Odd Couple" remix... the most interesting thing on his resume may be voicing Miss Othmar and other adults in "The Peanuts Movie." Trombone Shorty released is first album in five years, "Lifted," in 2022. And "Come Back" is an absolute joy.

22. The Linda Lindas, "Growing Up"
Who doesn't love the story of the Linda Lindas? The four young women, all brought together as kids to create a punk band as a one-off project, turned out to be good. So good that they were soon opening for Bikini Kill -- and recording music for Amy Poehler's film "Moxie." But it was a viral video posted in 2021, by the Los Angeles Public Library of all things, of the Linda Lindas performing songs like "Racist, Sexist Boy" at a teen event there. The band was soon signed by Epitaph Records; in February 2022 came that album, "Growing Up." This is the title track from that release.

23. LODATO & Janice Robinson, "Dreamer"
Janice Robinson has gotten quite a bit of mileage out of "Dreamer," and good for her. Robinson was the vocalist of the 1990s hit by Livin Joy, and then recorded her own solo version of the song in 2005. Robinson then appeared on "The X Factor" in the U.K. in 2018 and performed the song as a contestant, to the delight of the panelists who hadn't recognized her. In 2022 came yet another version of "Dreamer," this time with Robinson and U.S. based DJ Salvatore Lodato, aka LODATO. And the song is still a banger.

24. The Weeknd, "Gasoline"
In the discussions over the best albums of 2022, it's odd to me that The Weeknd's "Dawn FM" didn't get more attention. Yes, I love the radio references on it, but I'm also a sucker for its 80s-inspired new-wave and funk sounds. The Weeknd's fifth studio album, "Dawn FM" dropped in January 2022 on digital, prior to a physical release -- and I wonder if that hurt it to a degree, as fans couldn't race out an buy a copy (in particular vinyl, which wasn't available until the spring). Interestingly, only four singles were serviced for "Gasoline," with "Take My Breath" the most successful. "Gasoline" wasn't a single, but it resonated the most for me.

25. Ripe, "Settling"
Formed in 2011 by a group of Berklee College of Music students, the Boston-based Ripe is known for their fun-pop grooves. The group is set to release their first album in four years, since 2018's "Joy in the Wild Unknown," with "Bright Blues," which comes out March 10, 2023 and features tracks including "Settling." The band consists of singer Robbie Wulfsohn, guitarist Jon Becker, drummer Sampson Hellerman, and trombonist Calvin Barthel. (Yep, many trombonists on this year's Choice Cuts, go figure!)

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2022 Mixes

January 2022

The Sun Hasn't Left — Modest Mouse
Gasoline — The Weeknd
Love Brand New — Bob Moses
No Return (Yellowjackets Main Title Theme) — Craig Wedren, Anna Waronker
Everybody Dance — Cedric Gervais, Franklin feat. Nile Rodgers
Be My Baby — The Ronettes
Love and Hate in a Different Time — Gabriels
Touch — Quinton Brock
B-Side — Khruangbin, Leon Bridges
Romeo — Jungle feat. Bas
I'll Call You Mine — girl in red
seaside_demo — SEB
The Walls Are Way Too Thin — Holly Humberstone
The Hardest Cut — Spoon
We Don't Talk About Bruno — Carolina Gaitán - La Gaita, Mauro Castillo, Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz, Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz, Encanto Cast
Love Me More — Mitski
Hold Me Down — Niko Rubio
Giving In To The Love — AURORA
Keeping The Light On — Joy Oladokun
little bit — Marian Hill, GASHI
I Fell in Love Again — Kid Bloom

February 2022

Everything's Electric — Liam Gallagher
Curious — Franz Ferdinand
Harder (with Busta Rhymes) — Lion Babe
Amazing — Rex Orange County
Sacrifice — The Weeknd
Say Nothing — Flume feat. MAY-A
Please Don't Walk Away — PJ Morton
Remedy — Breakbot & Irfane
Do Ya Feel My Love — Stereophonics
Growing Up — Linda Lindas
So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings — Caroline Polachek
The Only Constant — Homeboy Sandman
Time — Kartell feat. Qendresa, Coops
You Put My Love Out the Door — Haunted Summer
Black Superhero — Robert Glasper feat. Killer Mike, BJ The Chicago Kid, Big K.R.I.T.
Fever — The Jaws of Brooklyn
Good Day — Seratones
Synchronize — Milky Chance
King of Sweden — Future Islands
London Is Lonely — Holly Humberstone
Where Do You Go — Day Wave
Free — Bakar

March 2022

Heavy Heart — Bartees Strange
Lost Track — HAIM
Next To Me (feat. Lucky Daye) — Jim-E Stack
Especially You — Wallows
I Want to Feel It All — The Districts
OPEN A WINDOW (feat. Tyler, The Creator) — Rex Orange County
Crutch — Band of Horses
It Gets Dark — Sigrid
All I Ever Asked — Rachel Chinouriri
Doesn't Matter — BENEE
she's all i wanna be — Tate McRae
Hush (Still Woozy Remix) — The Marias
Glory — Snail Mail
Beat 5 — Benny Sings feat. St. Panther, Rae Khalil
My Love — Florence & The Machine
My Sunny Day — Ted Fresco, Lyn Lapid
Softly — Arlo Parks
beachin — piri, Tommy Villiers
Atomized — Andrew Bird
Home Maker (Edit) — Sudan Archives
Anything But Me — MUNA
Cherry Pit — Luna Li
If They’re Shooting At You — Belle and Sebastian

May 2022

High Fidelity — Alisa Xayalith
Glitter — Daisy the Great
HTIS (feat. Luna Shadows & Carmen Vandenberg) — Meg Myers
Hurricane — Cannons
Never Ending — BENEE
About Damn Time — Lizzo
2 Oceans — Trevor Hall, Marieme
A Real Thing — The Beths
Come Back — Trombone Shorty
Sleep Tight — Holly Humberstone
Sacude — Ozomatli
Paprika — Japanese Breakfast
As It Was — Harry Styles
Sunburn — Sylvan Esso
Die Hard — Kendrick Lamar
Where I’m From (feat. Mereba) — Ravyn Lenae
Splinter — spill tab
Millenium (feat. The Mattson 2) — Toro y Moi
New Beginning — Automatic
Figure It Out — Flanger Kids
Diablo (feat. Mabiland) — Tonga Conga

June 2022

Blue Dream Baby (feat. Kacey Musgraves) — Fancy Hagood
Hold On State — Cows, Göran Turborn
Bloodrush — The Amazons
Sleeping With the Enemy — Daniel Takes A Train
2001 — Foals
Starting Line — Luke Hemmings
Boyfriend — Dove Cameron
That's Where I Am — Maggie Rogers
Sidelines — Phoebe Bridgers
Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama) — Charli XCX
Lights On — Hatchie
up at night (feat. justin bieber) — Kehlani
The Dealer (Live on KEXP) — Nilüfer Yanya
Porta — Sharon Van Etten
Shotgun — Soccer Mommy
Kissing Lessons Lucy Dacus
Simulation Swarm — Big Thief
Sunset Drive — Dreamer Isioma
I've Felt Better (Than I Do Now) — Gold Panda

July 2022

Last Last — Burna Boy
Save Me — Empress Of
Out of Time — The Weeknd
Cursed — King Princess
Hasta Los Dientes (feat. Maria Becerra) — Camila Cabello
Bliss — Amber Mark
Proof — Methyl Ethel, Stella Donnelly
Talk — beabadoobee
Persuasive — Doechii
Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix) — Madonna Vs Sickick
Late Night Talking — Harry Styles
Never Give Up — Chronixx
Big Energy — Latto
Woman — Doja Cat
The Lightning I — Arcade Fire
The Lightning II — Arcade Fire

September 2022

One and Only — Gabriels
Emily Smiles — The Lightning Seeds
Ur Mum — Wet Leg
One More Night — Michael Kiwanuka
Miss The Days — SBTRKT
Déjà Vu — Toro Y Moi
Black Tame — Topaz Jones
Sugar — Unusual Demont
Suerte Buena — MJ Nebreda
Want Want — Maggie Rogers
Then It All Goes Away — Dayglow
FANTASEA — King Isis
Part Of The Band — The 1975
Hi Fidelity (Ft. Biig Piig) — Lava La Rue
Remind Me — Bastille
One — Hercules & Love Affair & ANOHNI
Relax and Run (ft. Erika de Casier, Eva Tolkin) — Blood Orange
Swan Dives — Dear Boy
18th & Morgan — Daniel Villarreal

October 2022

Heart — Pet Shop Boys
What Happens After You? — Weezer
Sweet Symphony — Joy Oladokun Ft. Chris Stapleton
Lavender Haze — Taylor Swift
Off Goes The Light — Bibio
Every Second — Mina Okabe
Nothing Lasts Forever — Dylan
Happiness — The 1975
Call On Me — SG Lewis
Oregon — Briston Maroney
All Comes Crashing — Metric
wide eyed — Jawny
Ships in the Harbor — Tommy Prine
Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat) — Gorillaz
Just Before The Morning — Local Natives
Tek It — Cafuné
Memory — Windser
2am — Foals
Settling — RIPÉ
Giants — Walk The Moon

November 2022

Whammy-O — The Go! Team
Dreamer — Lodato & Janice Robinson
Sugarcane — Twin Shadow
Be with You — Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
No Fun (feat. Rae Morris) — Lane 8
Sunset — Caroline Polachek
btw — SOFY
Maricoteca — Alex Anwandter
Ebb and Flow — Jimetta Rose
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain (ft. Phoebe Bridgers) — Andrew Bird
Dancing In The Shadows — TSHA
Don’t Care (ft. Genevieve Artadi) — Louis Cole
Experience (ft. Khalid & SG Lewis) — Victoria Monét
By The Lake — Pale Jay & Okonski
Here to Forever — Death Cab for Cutie
all my ghosts — Lizzy McAlpine
Hold My Hand — Wild Pink, Julien Baker
I'm In Love With You — The 1975
Belize (feat. MF DOOM) — Danger Mouse
This Hell — Rina Sawayama
Moscow Mule — Bad Bunny
CUFF IT — Beyoncé
Diet Coke — Pusha T
Everywhere — Fleetwood Mac

Friday, December 31, 2021

Hot Chicken, Hop Hippin': Choice Cuts Volume 20 (2021)

In no particular order, I've selected the favorite tracks from 2021's playlists for my 20th annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. Let the entire playlist play via YouTube above, or listen and watch each one below!

1. A Bee Without Its Sting — The Go! Team

2. How Not To Drown (feat. Robert Smith) — CHVRCHES

3. Be Sweet — Japanese Breakfast

4. Silk Chiffon (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) — MUNA

5. Heat Waves — Glass Animals

6. 4Runner — Rostam

7. Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix) — Tame Impala, Lil Yachty

8. Beggin' — Måneskin

9. Feel the Sunshine (feat. HIRIE) — Kolohe Kai

10. Meet Me At Our Spot (Live) — THE ANXIETY, WILLOW & Tyler Cole

11. Stop This Flame — Celeste

12. The Mission — Bakar

13. Record Player — Daisy the Great, AJR

14. Immune — Jensen McRae

15. Witchoo (feat. Aaron Frazer) — Durand Jones & The Indications

16. Fire for You — Cannons

17. Where Is My Mind? — Tkay Maidza

18. Like I Used To — Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen

19. Green Eyes — Arlo Parks

20. Peach — Future Islands

21. that's what i want — Lil Nas X

22. simple times — Kacey Musgraves

23. Bagsy Not In Net — The 1975

Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021 Mixes

January 2021

Heat Waves — Glass Animals
The Divine Chord (feat. MGMT, Johnny Marr) — The Avalanches
Caroline — Arlo Parks
Free — Sault
1st Time — Bakar
Hold It Together — The Marias
Drinking on My Own — ROMES
wish you the best (feat. Jensen McRae) — Joy Oladokun
melancholyism. — Super Whatevr
Shameika — Fiona Apple
Strangers — Mt. Joy
Identical (From The Motion Picture 'On The Rocks') — Phoenix
Sword from the Stone — Passenger
Close To You — Dayglow
Falling Asleep At The Wheel — Holly Humberstone
Skin and Bones — Cage the Elephant
Fire for You — Cannons
Little — Jany Green
long story short — Taylor Swift
my ex's best friend — Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear
Lake VU — Apifera feat. Yonatan Albalak, Amir Bresler, Rejoicer, Nitai Hershkovits
broken people — almost monday
Redemption — Nathaniel Rateliff
hey girl — boy pablo

February 2021

Stop This Flame — Celeste
Little Changes — Frank Turner
coney island (feat. The National) — Taylor Swift
Cut Me — Moses Sumney
Opiate — Puma Blue
Immune — Jensen McRae
Get High — Chet Faker
Good Woman — The Staves
Things Are Different — Picture This
Let Down — Michigander
No Other Way — SHAED
Green Eyes — Arlo Parks
Look at the Sky — Porter Robinson
Softly — Clairo
POLKA DOT (feat. Demetruest) — Eddie Burns
Trouble's Coming — Royal Blood
Bagsy Not In Net — The 1975
Waking Up (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg) — Django Django
OOZ — Peach Tree Rascals
Wish U Were Here — Pale Waves
Feeling So Down — Flora Cash
Go Wrong — Hauskey
Big Bang — Cherry Glazerr
Massive Escape — Caroline Kingsbury
All You Ever Wanted (Acoustic) — Rag'n'Bone Man
We Can Run Away — Lone Waves

March 2021

Leave The Door Open — Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic
Till Forever Falls Apart — Ashe and Finneas
Spinning (with Charli XCX & The 1975) — No Rome
Roots — Cautious Clay
Sunbathe — Tainy, Miguel
Without You — The Kid LAROI
All About You (feat. Foster The People) — The Knocks
You — benny Blanco feat. Marshmello & Vance Joy
Bed Head — Manchester Orchestra
la di die (feat. jxdn) — Nessa Barrett
When It Breaks — Inhaler
Questions — Middle Kids
July — Windser
Bad Dream — Cannons
Get Sun (Pocket Size Radio Edit) — Hiatus Kaiyote feat. Arthur Verocai
Anything At All — Bachelor
Cosmosis — Tony Allen feat. Ben Okri, Skepta
Where Is My Mind? — Tkay Maidza
Peddle Bike — Mishaal
Strong Feelings — Dry Cleaning
The Nathan Poop Song — The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and Pee
The Evan Poop Song — The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and Pee

April 2021

After Coffee — Joywave
He Said She Said — CHVRCHES
The Darkness That You Fear (Edit) — The Chemical Brothers
Tell Me Something I Don't Know — Celeste
Karmadame — Zoé
Cloud 9 — Beach Bunny
Phone Dies — Andra Day
Be Sweet — Japanese Breakfast
How Does It Feel — London Grammar
Give Us Justice — Thee Sacred Souls
telepatía — Kali Uchis
Your Power — Billie Eilish
Levitating — Dua Lipa
Dumb Girl — LAYNE
Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check (The J Dilla Bounce Remix) — Busta Rhymes

June 2021

How Not To Drown (feat. Robert Smith) — CHVRCHES
Higher Power — Coldplay
4Runner — Rostam
Hablando x Hablar — Alex Cuba, & Cimafunk
Like I Used To — Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen
Slide Tackle — Japanese Breakfast
Delicious Things — Wolf Alice
Lost Cause — Billie Eilish
Witchoo (feat. Aaron Frazer) — Durand Jones & The Indications
Stop Making This Hurt — Bleachers
Don't Freak — The Aces
Mon Cheri — Sofi Tukker x Amadou & Mariam
Mine Forever — Lord Huron
good 4 u — Olivia Rodrigo
Motorbike — Leon Bridges
Dark Kept Secret — EXUM
Dancing In The Dark — Juanes
Losing Control (Satin Jackets Remix) — Poolside
love race (feat. Kellin Quinn) — Machine Gun Kelly
Change My Mind — Peach Tree Rascals
Dirty — grandson
Cheers — Faye Webster
OK (with Remi Wolf & Solomonophonic) — Wallows

July 2021

A Bee Without Its Sting — The Go! Team
DIVER — Lala Lala
Feel the Sunshine (feat. HIRIE) — Kolohe Kai
Genesis — Spencer.
buzz cut — lovelytheband
Worth It — Amber Mark
Sad Cowboy (Edit) — Goat Girl
Rodeo — Baba Stiltz
Black Magic — Jonasu
Beef — Joe Sambo
Love Is Back — Celeste
Those Words — Mattiel
Bitter Streets — Sault
Happy Pill — Common Kings
Don't Blame It On Love (feat. Pink Sweat$) — Yuna
Don't Hold Back — DRAMA
Hush — The Marías
Black Myself — Amythyst Kiah
713 — James Francies

August 2021

Good Girls — CHVRCHES
Distorted Light Beam — Bastille
Back To Oz — Sufjan Stevens, Angelo De Augustine
Miracles (2017 Remaster) — Pet Shop Boys
Missing Piece — Vance Joy
help herself (with BENEE) — bbno$, Diamond Pistols, BENEE
The Mission — Bakar
Skate — Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic
I Feel Good — Abstract Mindstate
Peach — Future Islands
A Concert Six Months From Now — FINNEAS
Take My Breath — The Weeknd
Only Love — Tycho, Benjamin Gibbard
Woman (feat. Cleo Sol) — Little Simz
Now is the Time — Jade Bird
soshy — Purity Ring
Steam — Leon Bridges

September 2021

No Friends of Mine — Men Without Hats
Silk Chiffon (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) — MUNA
I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance) — Glass Animals
Osaka — SHAED
simple times — Kacey Musgraves
Beggin' — Måneskin
Sticky — The Maine
Fire In The Sky — Anderson .Paak
Dye It Red — beabadoobee
Telepath — Manchester Orchestra
Bunny Is A Rider — Caroline Polachek
Baby No More — Anjimile
Preoccupation — Black Marble
We Don't Kiss Under Umbrellas Like We Used To — James Vincent McMorrow
Boomerang — Yebba
I Need A Minute — sir Was

October 2021

Act Up — Terry Presume
Blame — Gabriels
Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix) — Tame Impala, Lil Yachty
Jimmy Jimmy (feat. AJ Tracey) — Gorillaz
Wet Dream — Wet Leg
that's what i want — Lil Nas X
Uneasy — Metronomy x spill tab
Saturday — twenty one pilots
For You — Kadhja Bonet
t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l — WILLOW feat. Travis Barker
More Than Ever — Durand Jones & The Indications
Protect My Energy — Little Simz
My Universe — Coldplay, BTS
Famous Last Words — James Blake
The Tipping Point — Tears for Fears
23 — Cleo Sol
Smile — Wolf Alice
Connaissais de Face (Tiger?) — Khruangbin, Ginger Root
You asked for this — Halsey

November 2021

INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow) — Lil Nas X
Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) — Elton John, Dua Lipa
Moth To A Flame — Swedish House Mafia, The Weeknd
Meet Me At Our Spot (Live) — THE ANXIETY, WILLOW & Tyler Cole
I Won't Hesitate — La Luz
Keeper — Hana Vu
Shine ft. D Smoke & Tiffany Gouché — Robert Glasper
The Only Heartbreaker — Mitski
I Don't Live Here Anymore — The War On Drugs
Oxygen — Beach Bunny
Death Back to Birth — Tolliver
Made of Gold (Edit) — Ibeyi, Pa Salieu
Be Thankful for What You Got — William DeVaughn
Elizabeth Taylor — Pete Yorn
stabilise — Nilüfer Yanya
Heartbreak — Broods
Record Player — Daisy the Great, AJR
What You Say — Cold War Kids
Survivor — Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats
Monday — The Regrettes
Amoeba — Clairo
Remember November/Bitcrush Yr Life — No Rome
In Need of Repair — Band of Horses
Rest Of My Life (feat. ASHE) — Robert DeLong

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Holy Guacamole, We've Got Hits: Choice Cuts Volume 19 (2020)

In no particular order, I've selected the favorite tracks from 2020's playlists for our nineteenth annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. Listen and watch below!

1. I Know Alone — HAIM

2. What Am I — Jordan Mackampa

3. Good Bad Times — Hinds

4. Lockdown — Anderson .Paak

5. Blinding Lights — The Naked and Famous

6. i see america — Joy Oladokun

7. Your Love (Déjà Vu) — Glass Animals

8. White Boy — Jensen McRae

9. Be Kind — Marshmello feat. Halsey

10. Lemon (feat. Sharon Van Etten) — Local Natives

11. Black Dog — Arlo Parks

12. Sweet Summer Sweat (feat. Dijon) — Jim-E Stack

13. I Just Wanna Live — Keedron Bryant

14. Kyoto — Phoebe Bridgers

15. Hit Me Up — Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike, Kenny Beats

16. Overkill — Holly Humberstone

17. Can I Believe You — Fleet Foxes

18. Someone — Gabriel Garzón-Montano

19. What I Do... — Taylor Janzen

20. Monsters You Made (feat. Chris Martin) — Burna Boy

21. rock bottom — MisterWives

22. People, I've been sad — Christine and the Queens

23. Fight The Power 2020 — Public Enemy feat. Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG, Questlove

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 Mixes

November 2020
True Liars — Meg Myers
Can We (feat. Kacy Hill) — Jim-E Stack
Forever — CHVRCHES
i see america — Joy Oladokun
XS — Rina Sawayama
Promises — Beach Bunny
Dribble — Sycco
People, I've been sad — Christine and the Queens
Mustang — Bartees Strange
City of Angels — 24kGoldn
Recover — The Naked and Famous
Lemon (feat. Sharon Van Etten) — Local Natives
Something Ain't Right — Tash Neal
Uwrongo (Edit) — Prince Kaybee, Shimza, Black Motion, Ami Faku
Fearless — Sault
Natalie Don't — Raye
Lightning — Mehro
Are We Alright Again — EELS
Therefore I Am — Billie Eilish
Good Bad Times — Hinds
Sword — Ian Sweet
Leader Of The Delinquents — Kid Cudi
Fall in Love — Moaning
On the Floor — Perfume Genius
Chinese Satellite (Copycat Killer Version) — Phoebe Bridgers
DND — Polo G
After Hours (Perfect Version) — The Weeknd
Bumming Me Out — Thick
Breathe Deeper — Tame Impala

September 2020
Be a Rebel — New Order
Take Two — Chong the Nomad x Hollis Wong-Wear
Sweet Summer Sweat (feat. Dijon) — Jim-E Stack
Inteiro Metade — Tagua Tagua
Hear Me Out — Pixies
Ferris Wheel — Sylvan Esso
Agreeable — Cautious Clay
Can I Believe You — Fleet Foxes
Outline (feat. Lou Stone) — Zero 7
Heartbreak — Bonobo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Everybody Knows — The Naked and Famous
Para Siempre — Silvana Estrada
For Sure — Future Islands
Invisible — Yuna
Is It True (Four Tet Remix) — Tame Impala
Birthday (feat. Kehlani, Syd) — Disclosure
Monsters You Made (feat. Chris Martin) — Burna Boy
cardigan — Taylor Swift
Nathan — Spirit Animal
Are You Even Real — James Blake
survivin' — Bastille
Hallucinogenics (feat. Lana Del Rey) — Matt Maeson
Short and Sweet (Bon Iver Remix) — Brittany Howard

August 2020
Come As You Are — The Naked And Famous
Freeze Tag (feat. Phoelix) — Dinner Party
Overkill — Holly Humberstone
Chega — Gaia
Caution — The Killers
Your Love (Déjà Vu) — Glass Animals
Think About Things — Daði Freyr
Quick (feat. Kian) — Duckwrth
Mariana Trench — Bright Eyes
Ironhand — Kllo
By Any Means — Jorja Smith
Care — beabadoobee
I Want To Change — Nana Adjoa
Days Get Better — Boo Seeka
Hurt — Arlo Parks
Baby It's You — London Grammar
Wake Me Up — loren north
Lavender — Ashleigh Ball
Second Best — Younger Hunger
Just Ain't Mine — The Franklin Electric
Palm Springs (feat. In.Drip.) — Luna Shadows
Things Won't Go My Way — Peach Tree Rascals
F2020 (Radio Edit) — Avenue Beat
Hit Me Up — Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike, Kenny Beats

July 2020
Fight The Power 2020 — Public Enemy feat. Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG, Questlove
Infrastructure — St. Panther, Raedio
millennia — Luna Shadows
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (1979 Version) — Prince
Pac-Man (feat. ScHoolboy Q) — Gorillaz
Exile (feat. Bon Iver) — Taylor Swift
Me & You Together Song — The 1975
Both Of Us (Edit) — Jayda G
Don't Wanna — HAIM
A Change Is Gonna Come — Marieme
idwgtyp — lovelytheband
Stella Brown — Jelani Aryeh
Meet Again (feat. Little Boots) — LP Giobbi
Victory — The Avett Brothers
EQUILIBRIUM — Darius x Wayne Snow
I Can't Breathe — H.E.R.
Trouble — Eddie Chacon
I Leave Again (feat. Shallou) — Petit Biscuit
Lights on the Headland — Roland Tings
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (feat. Josh Homme) — Sharon Van Etten

June 2020
Lockdown — Anderson .Paak
I Know Alone — HAIM
Dark Days (feat. Sylvan Esso) — Local Natives
Black Dog — Arlo Parks
Warrior — Aluna feat. SG Lewis
I Just Wanna Live — Keedron Bryant
Ecstasy (Over & Over) — Prospa
Someone — Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Letting Me Down — Margo Price
Dear April — Frank Ocean
Sweeter (feat. Terrace Martin) — Leon Bridges
Never Lie — Rangleklods
Old Soul — Bruno Major
Black Parade — Beyoncé
Brother — Inara George
Gimme Ya Love — Natalie Slade
walking in the snow — Run The Jewels
Leave Me Alone (Single Edit) — The Frights
My People — Amber Mark
Paraíso — Monogem
Friends — Lil Halima
It Must Be Someone Else's Fault — Courtney Marie Andrews
Summer Fun — Lionel Boy and Tigers in the Sky
Sleep On The Wing — Bibio
Blue Skies — Toulouse

May 2020
Upside Down — Mondo Cozmo
rock bottom — MisterWives
Blank Slate — Chicano Batman
Lose Your Love — Dirty Projectors
Better — Jack Garratt
Gimme Love — Joji
How Far (feat. Tony Allen and Skepta) — Gorillaz
Hyperfine — G Flip
Tell Me What You Want (I Want It) — Carver Commodore
Head Cold — Spacey Jane
Heavy Weather — The Rubens
Miracle — Loud Forest
delicate — Jonah Yano
Paper Thin — Lianne La Havas
Soy Lo Que Soy — Monogem
Chemicals — SG Lewis
You're Too Precious — James Blake
Extreme Ways — Moby

April 2020
Blinding Lights — The Naked and Famous
Be Kind — Marshmello feat. Halsey
Cheesin' (feat. Remi Wolf, sophie meiers feat. Still Woozy, Claud, Melanie Faye, HXNS) — Cautious Clay
Lilacs — Waxahatchee
I Want More — Kaleo
Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia) — Gorillaz
Keep Your Head Up (feat. Pell) — Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Tabs — Vlossom
Give Me Another Chance — Empress Of
Forget (feat. Alisa Xayalith) — The Chain Gang Of 1974
Shaking — Hazel English
Cosmonauts — Fiona Apple
Still Here — Kllo
The Fight — Overcoats
Too Late — Washed Out
Color My Life — Chicano Batman
Heart Attack (feat. lau.ra) — BRONSON
Coffee & Cigarettes — The Snuts
Time Moves On — Phantom Planet
Alive — Hanni El Khatib
Still Here — Honeymoan
Wings — The Shacks
Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus — The Strokes
Nobody's Favourite — Mobley

March 2020
Fruits Of The Spirit — Jay Electronica
Restless — CocoRosie
Cool For A Second — Yumi Zouma
Anybody — Ultraista
Sunday Best — Surfaces
Kyoto — Phoebe Bridgers
Gospel For A New Century — Yves Tumor
She Plays Bass — beabadoobee
Super Sad Always — Melanie Faye
Feel The Way I Want — Caroline Rose
Bury Us — The Naked And Famous
Blinding Lights — The Weeknd
Everything I Wanted (Aquadrop Remix) — Billie Eilish
Wait a Minute! — Willow
The Steps — HAIM
One More Song — Classixx feat. Roosevelt
You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby — The Radio Dept.
OK — Wallows
Is Everybody Going Crazy? — Nothing But Thieves
Here They Come — Hamilton Leithauser

February 2020
Polly — Moses Sumney
Hold On — Little Dragon
Look at Me Now — Emily King
Lost In Yesterday — Tame Impala
Generous — Amber Mark
Social Cues — Cage the Elephant
Pedestal — Phantogram
Neon Skyline — Andy Shauf
Coming Up Short — BLOXX
Sensitive Heart — Yoke Lore, Jax Anderson
What I Do... — Taylor Janzen
One Day She's Here — Marcus King
Expectations — Katie Pruitt
Turn Me Up (feat. Aloe Blacc) — José James
Outer Sunset — Tycho
Do Friends Fall in Love — Rachel & Vilray
Good News — Mac Miller
Beaten Down — Sharon Van Etten

January 2020
Graveyard — Halsey
Bang! — AJR
Pearl Cadillac (feat. Andra Day) — Gary Clark Jr.
Ms. California — Beach Bunny
Paper Cup (feat. Sylvan Esso) — Real Estate
Womxn — Låpsley
Skin on Skin — Franc Moody
Bebey — Theophilus London
Trampoline — SHAED
Wars — Of Monsters and Men
White Boy — Jensen McRae
Don't Know Yet — Silversun Pickups
Nice to Meet Ya! — The Griswolds
circle the drain — Soccer Mommy
On Sight (feat. JID, Kadhja Bonet, MIKNNA) — Free Nationals
What Am I — Jordan Mackampa
No Roof Access — Kyle Lux
Foyer — Wild Nothing
hey rose — Son Little

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sinigang a Song: Choice Cuts Volume 18 (2019)

In no particular order, I've selected the favorite tracks from 2019's playlists for our eighteenth annual Choice Cuts end-of-year mix. Listen and watch below!

1. Hard to Kill — Bleached

2. When Am I Gonna Lose You — Local Natives

3. Capacity — Charly Bliss

4. Dangerous — Nick Murphy

5. Bicycle (feat. klei) — filous

6. Turn the Light — Karen O & Danger Mouse

7. Make It Better (ft. Smokey Robinson) — Anderson .Paak

8. Puppets (Succession Remix) — Pusha T, Nicholas Britell

9. Silhouettes — Friendly Fires

10. ZORA — Jamila Woods

11. This Land — Gary Clark, Jr.

12. North — Clairo

13. I Will Follow You Into The Dark — YUNGBLUD & Halsey

14. Superposition — Young the Giant

15. Talk It Out — Matt Corby, Tash Sultana

16. Here With Me (Feat. CHVRCHES) — Marshmello

17. Pagtingin — Ben&Ben

18. Sea Blue — BLOXX

19. Panini — Lil Nas X

20. Contaminated — BANKS

21. Outnumbered — Dermot Kennedy

22. Onset (feat. Mad Zach) — Haiku Hands

23. My Strange Addiction — Billie Eilish

Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Mixes

December 2019
Feel It (You Got It) (feat. Tish Hyman) — The Roots
Quiet Light — The National
Where the Moon Hides (feat. Emeline) — Garza
Apartment (feat. Benny Sings) — Free Nationals
Fear of Failure — Sea Wolf
10% (feat. Kali Uchis) — Kaytranada
No Stress (feat. Saint Sinner) — Tycho
I Need Your Love (feat. Ledisi, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah) — José James
What If — Amber Mark
What It Is — Angel Olsen
Key to Love (Is Understanding) (feat. Jonah Yano) — BadBadNotGood
Then There Were Two (feat. Anderson .Paak) — Mark Ronson
Uneventful Days — Beck
Bad Name — Gang Starr
Texas Sun — Khruangbin & Leon Bridges
Sufi Woman — Jidenna
Nine One One — DRAMA
Don't Waste My Time — Sault
Runner — Tennis
Confessions — Sudan Archives
holy terrain (feat. Future) — FKA twigs
Black Moon Rising — Black Pumas
Faraway Look — Yola

November 2019
Dangerous (Marcus Marr's Pocket Mix) — Nick Murphy
Onset (feat. Mad Zach) — Haiku Hands
Orphans — Coldplay
Lose Control — Meduza, Becky Hill, Goodboys
Blind Leading The Blind — Mumford & Sons
rangerover — Porches
This Is Real — Jax Jones, Ella Henderson
North — Clairo
Swimmers (feat. Jem Cooke) — Zero 7
Too Good — Breathe Carolina
10/10 — Rex Orange County
Frail State Of Mind — The 1975
In Your Arms — ILLENIUM, X Ambassadors
Running Up That Hill — Meg Myers
Water Me Down — Vagabon
Glorious — Sudan Archives
Reach — Audien feat. Jamie Hartman
In A Spiral — Phantogram
The Hype (Alt Mix) — twenty one pilots
It Might Be Time — Tame Impala
Forgotten Eyes — Big Thief
Hero — Michael Kiwanuka

October 2019
Puppets (Succession Remix) — Pusha T, Nicholas Britell
Outnumbered — Dermot Kennedy
Good Luck — Broken Bells
OneFourThree (feat. Buddy & BJ The Chicago Kid) — Hermitude feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Buddy
Vámono — Buscabulla
Signal — Automatic
My City (feat. Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst) — Better Oblivion Community Center
Combat — Danny Brown
Hard To Believe — Charly Bliss
Sing Along — Sturgill Simpson
EARTHA — Jamila Woods
Faith — Bon Iver
Panini — Lil Nas X
Something About You — Elderbrook, Rudimental
Truth Hurts — Lizzo
3 Nights — Dominic Fike
The Last Time — The Script
Never Let You Go — Georgia
H34T RISES — Nilüfer Yanya
Moment — Pinegrove
Prom Queen — Beach Bunny
Borderline — Tame Impala
Take Me to the Light (feat. Bon Iver & Kanye West) — Francis and the Lights
Dark & Handsome (feat. Toro y Moi) — Blood Orange

September 2019
Thunder — SHAED
2AM — Gavin Turek
Catfish Kate — Pixies
Just One Kiss (Remember Mix 2018) — The Cure
religion (u can lay your hands on me) (Edit) — Shura
Not — Big Thief
Black Cadillac — Mondo Cozmo
You Ain't The Problem — Michael Kiwanuka
Olympians — Andrew Bird
Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy) — Jorja Smith
Whoa — Snoh Aalegra
Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile — The New Pornographers
Dollar — Electric Guest
Heaven Moves — Dear Boy
Hope — (Sandy) Alex G
Colors — Black Pumas
Hey, Ma — Bon Iver
Pull Up — Niia ft. Anastasia Bagaglini
Pick U Up — Foster the People
The Runner — Foals
Stayaway — MUNA
Joy — Bastille
Good Things Fall Apart — ILLENIUM & Jon Bellion
Night — Mosa Wild
Dream Girl — Anna of the North

July 2019
Talk It Out — Matt Corby, Tash Sultana
Stay With Me — Hatchie
Jelmore — Bon Iver
Silhouettes — Friendly Fires
Champion — Bishop Briggs
Dream Chorus — TOKiMONSTA
Flood Hands — Vagabon
It's Real Love — Yellow Days
Now That I Found You — Carly Rae Jepsen
Tenderness — Jay Som
Wasted Nun — Cherry Glazerr
Breaking Your Silence — Generationals
Contaminated — BANKS
Summer's Song — Villagers
Blame It On Your Love (Feat. Lizzo) (Clean Version) — Charli XCX
Please Won't Please — Helado Negro
Late Night Feelings — Mark Ronson feat. Lykke Li
Bags — Clairo
Peaches — Miynt
Impossible Knots — Thom Yorke

June 2019
bad guy — Billie Eilish
Old Town Road (Remix) — Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) — BTS
Cross Me (feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock) — Ed Sheeran
Pagtingin — Ben&Ben
If I Can't Have You — Shawn Mendes
Con Calma (feat. Snow) — Daddy Yankee
Now You're Gone — Tom Walker feat. Zara Larsson
Sucker — Jonas Brothers
Easier — 5 Seconds of Summer
Talk — Khalid
Timebomb — Walk The Moon
I Don't Care — Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber
Boom — X Ambassadors
Juice — Lizzo
Hey Look Ma, I Made It — Panic! At The Disco
Maybe The Night — Ben&Ben
Never Really Over — Katy Perry
Dancing With A Stranger — Sam Smith, Normani
Just Us — DJ Khaled feat. SZA
Don't Call Me Up — Mabel
Nightmare — Halsey
Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) — Ed Sheeran
Senorita — Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello
Con Calma (Remix) — Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry feat. SNoW
Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) — Martin Garrix

May 2019
Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) — Gorillaz
Face — Niia
Corazón de Roca — Chicano Batman & Caloncho
Mixer — Amber Mark
Lava — Still Woozy
We've Got To Try — The Chemical Brothers
Spontaneous (feat. Little Dragon) — Flying Lotus
Wake Me When It's Over (Edit) — The Cranberries
Say Something — Jordan Rakei
I've Been Waiting — Lil Peep, ILoveMakonnen feat. Fall Out Boy
Megaton Mile — Local Natives
Cellophane — FKA twigs
Saying Goodbye — J.S. Ondara
Love Has All Been Done Before — Jade Bird
Hard to Kill — Bleached
Mettavolution — Rodrigo y Gabriela
Morrow — 070 Shake
Make It Better (feat. Smokey Robinson) — Anderson .Paak
Dylan Thomas — Better Oblivion Community Center
when the party's over — Billie Eilish
Daylight Matters — Cate Le Bon
Capacity — Charly Bliss
Juicy Socks — Cherry Glazerr
In Your Head — Nilüfer Yanya
Time Rider — Chromatics
Are You Bored Yet (feat. Clairo) — Wallows
Lucky — Dehd
Only Child — Tierra Whack
Sky So Blue — Hot Flash Heat Wave
Pretty — Girlpool
The Seduction of Kansas — Priests
Lasting Friend — Samia
Heads Gonna Roll — Jenny Lewis

March 2019
Here With Me — Marshmello, CHVRCHES
Bicycle (feat. klei) — filous
This Land — Gary Clark Jr.
Tummy — Tamino
Mind's Eye — Jordan Rakei
Sea Blue — BLOXX
Diviner — Hayden Thorpe
Honest Enough — Cautious Clay
Aurora — Zero 7 feat. José González
I Will Follow You Into The Dark — YUNGBLUD & Halsey
Turn The Light — Karen O, Danger Mouse
Patience — Tame Impala
my strange addiction — Billie Eilish
Elevator — Gavin Turek
Into Nirvana — Maverick Sabre
When Am I Gonna Lose You — Local Natives
What's Up Danger — Blackway, Black Caviar
Good As Hell — Lizzo
Pristine — Snail Mail
Rocket Girl (RAC Mix) — Lemaitre feat. Betty Who

February 2019
Don't Wait Til Tomorrow — Gary Clark Jr.
Superposition — Young the Giant
Dead and Gone — DRAMA
Without Me — Halsey
Harmony Hall — Vampire Weekend
Real Tight — Methyl Ethel
ZORA — Jamila Woods
No Scrubs — Weezer
Vagabond — Steve Gunn
pictures — Judah & the Lion feat. Kacey Musgraves
Exits — Foals
Sisyphus — Andrew Bird
It Rains Love — Lee Fields & The Expressions
Barefoot In The Park — James Blake feat. ROSALÍA
New Waves — Júníus Meyvant
All I Want — Matt Berninger & Julien Baker
Red Bull & Hennessy — Jenny Lewis
Cosmic Cave — Ex Hex
Day by Day — Perlo
Paper Highways — Ladytron
Running — Helado Negro
City of Sound — Big Wild
Cry for Another — Claude Fontaine
Light On — Maggie Rogers
still feel. — half•alive
Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) — Post Malone, Swae Lee